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Kingdom RP Rules
Dynasty Roleplay and it's respective staff team reserve the rights to change the rules whenever, and how they want.
Check the rules regularly to ensure you're playing according to the Rules.

- You can press CTRL+F and search for a specific Rule (GX - General Rules | RPX - Roleplay Rules | CX - Chat Rules)
- If you do not understand any of the Abbreviations/Vocabulary used here, please see this guide -> http://dynastyroleplay.xyz/showthread.php?tid=35

General Rules

G1.0 - Respect all members and staff team. We're normal people like you.
G1.1. - Do NOT dispute a Staff member's decision. It's Final, and if you think it was unfair, use the forum to write a Report.
G2.0 - Any kind of Racism is NOT tolerated and is extremely punishable! - (
G2.1. - Do NOT discuss Ideologies in the OOC nor IC. Do it outside the server.
G3.0 - Do NOT use Third-Party Programms/Script's in order to get advantage above other players.
G3.1. - Do NOT "Bunny Hop" - Would you be jumping around like a retard in Real-Life? No you wouldn't.
G4.0 - Metagaming is NOT allowed. You'll get punished if caught doing it.
G5.0 - Powergaming is not allowed.
G6.0 - This is a Roleplay server. If you're not here to Roleplay you can pack your bags and leave.
G6.0 - It's extremly prohibited to advertise other Communities/Servers/Forums or Youtube channels that are not directly linked to DynastyRoleplay it self.
G7.0 - Do NOT RDM (Randomly DeathMatch) other players. It's not fun at all.
G8.0 - It's NOT allowed to impersonate other players or Staff members on the server.
G7.1. - Each player has ONE name. If your desired name is already being used, you must choose another one.
G9.0 - Do NOT ask for Staff Rank. Doing it may lead to not allowing you to apply for it.
G10.0 - Do NOT Team Kill.
G11.0 - Do NOT Break NLR. NLR Time is 3 Minutes.

Roleplaying Rules

RP1.0 - You start off as a peasant, do NOT ask for other job. Everyone has to start somewhere.
RP2.0 - Both Kings have a 2-week-long IRL time term.
RP2.1. - The Elections for King are held at the Forums. Visit them to vote or run for King.
RP3.0 - Kings and Dukes can buy the Order's Services to protect and fight for their lands.
RP3.1. - Orders are peacefully between each others until they get hired by a King or Duke.
RP4.0 - In order to join an Order/Guild, you must attend to their Tryouts and pass them.
RP4.1 - If you fail the Tryouts you must leave the area if told to. Otherwise you'll get punished.
RP5.0 - You must belong to the Royalty, be Grand Master, or be requested, in order to enter the Castle.
RP6.0 - Other orders cannot enter castles/villages they're not appointed to.
RP7.0 - Peasants are allowed to roam around the map.
RP7.1. - Can have an house, appointed by the King/Duke.
RP7.2. - Peasants must work on the land their given otherwise, they'll lose it.
RP8.0 - Normal jobs such as Peasants, Merchants, Blacksmith, Innkeeper and etc. are not allowed to climb to the walls.
RP9.0 - You have a 7 day cooldown between changing orders/guilds.
RP9.1. - You can leave your order/guild whenever you want to become a normal job. You can NOT go back tho.
RP10. - It's not allowed to use animations. It's considered as FailRP and you will be punished.
RP11. - As a Jester you're not allowed to spam the guitar and irritate and annoy other citiziens.
RP12. - You're not allowed to kill the King that you're defending. You will be demoted back to Peasant.

Chat Rules

C1.0 - Do NOT use inappropriate languange nor insult other players.
C2.0 - Do NOT advertise malicious links nor other Communities, Forums, Servers or YouTube Channels.
C3.0 - Do NOT spam either in text chat or voice chat!
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