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Vocabulary Guide
Vocabulary Guide for Roleplay

In this guide I will cover some of the
vocabulary used in roleplay servers

FailRP - It's when your character commits a non-realistic action.(i. e. Sitting on top of other players heads)

FearRP - It's when your character fears for his life and tries to escape inevitable situatios. (i. e. If you're about to be executed, you start running way)

Metagaming - Gaining information you're not supposed to. (i. e. You die, and you tell your friend through TeamSpeak where he is.)

Powergaming - Making your character powerfull than everyone else. (i. e. /me Punches Knight Oliver in the face and kills him instantly)

RDM (Randomly DeathMatch) - Killing players without a valid reason.

NLR (New Life Rule) - When you die you must wait 3 minutes before going back to the place you died and you forget everything from your past life.

If you would like to seeanything added here, just send me a PM.

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