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Nutscript guide for staff members.
I see you have made it to our staff team, congratulations! But you'll have to learn alot of new command, even if your knowledge on ULX is high.
As you can see we are not using darkrp as our framework, but we are using nutscript with a fully custom schema coded by me. With nuscript comes alot of new commands, that's why i made this guide.

If you press f1 in game, and go to help/commands you can see all the commands listed.

/charsetname - You use that command when recruits get trained.
For the US side -  Make sure you change their name like this: RCT (MOS CODE) Name
For the RUS Side - Make Sure you change their name like this: RCT (Regiment name) name
And for the civilians just their full name

/charsetmodel - You use this command when a player joins a new regiment. 

These are the models that belong to each regiment

United States Army:

9th infantry regiment: (dont need to set model as it is the default regiment)
97th medic regiment: models/player/usmc_goggle3player.mdl
USAF : models/player/heavy_2player.mdl
sniper division: models/player/ghillie.mdl
67th armored regiment: models/player/mw3rangers/us_ranger_01.mdl
Special Forces (green berets) ; will be done by me

Russian  Armed Forces: 

58th army: default regiment!
VDV: models/player/deltaplayer.mdl
774th engineer battalion:
3rd Spetsnaz brigade: models/player/bf3russians/russian_camo_1.mdl
VDV: models/tpamodern.mdl

[Image: giphy.gif]

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