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Official Staff Application Template
Note: This format may be tweaked in the future

Terms of Service

  • By submitting an application you agree with and accept all rules endorsed by the community which include its third party applications (Discord and Teamspeak) as well as the Forum.
  • You are prohibited from replying to your own application, doing so will result in your application being instantly rejected.
  • Upon submitting the application, you are prohibited from distributing or sharing it in any way. Doing so will permanently deny you access to apply for a staff position in the community.
  • At the starting time of your career in DynastyRoleplay as a staff member, you may not hold any other staff positions in different communities. If you violate this term you will be banned from the community (Forum, Teamspeak, Discord and the Server)
  • As a staff member, you agree of upholding the rules and you will not, at any time, abuse your powers in any way or influence roleplay with your powers. Violation of this term include permanent suspension from the server (other punishments may apply if deemed appropriate)
  • As a member of staff, you are to give an exemplary attitude and not behave in a matter which will negatively damage the community's reputation (in-game). The punishment(s) of this violation may vary depending on the severity of your actions.
  • The Staff Manager acts as a judge and has the final word of any internal conflicts that happen between the staff team. He/She is the only person able to demote or give promotions to any members of the staff team. Acting as the Staff Manager or revolting against his/her ideas will permanently restrict you access from every asset of the community.
  • If the Staff Manager is unable to attend, is on vacation or etcetera, the two Owners will act as a Staff Manager and should be respected as one, other staff members which hold a regular position (Moderator -> Senior Admin), are prohibited for taking the role of a the Staff Manager. Violation of this term will lead to a permanent account suspension across all of our assets.


Out of Character information



Steam Name:

Steam ID:

Steam URL:


How long have you been part of the community for (approx.):

How much time do you have in game?:

Why do you want to become a staff member ? (min. 1 paragraph):

What sets you apart from other people? (min. 1 paragraph):

What languages do you speak?:

Some other things about me (optional):

In Character Information

Main character name:

Currrent faction that character is in:



Character Story:

By submitting this application I agree and accept with all the terms of service.

Signed: (Your Name Here)

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Non nobis domine
Non nobis sed tuo nomine
Ad gloriamNot unto us, O Lord, not unto us,
but to thy name give the glory.
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#Updated 4/20/2017

Added current faction of your main character as in question.
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